Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Finally Updating (with Pictures, Hooray!!!)

So I've got about a million projects going on right now (what else is new?) Right now I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to finish a project. It seems that I've got a case of the "eyes too big for my stomach" syndrome -- only with yarn. Maybe if I make a little list....

1. The Ribby Cardi! My plan back in October, when I first got the pattern and yarn as my birthday present to myself, was to make it as soon as I got the yarn. Then I thought, "I'll make it over Thanksgiving!" But I have to begin packing over the holiday weekend (including the stash that could double as a yarn store). Plus I was hoping to get my surgery around the end of November, so I postponed.

But then I thought that I could do it while I recuperated after the surgery in December. Afterall, I'll be home for two weeks with nothing to do. That works, right? Wrong. Evidently, breast reduction surgery leaves you very sore in the chest and the arm area for most of those two weeks, so again I postponed.

Now it seems, though, that I have to move by the end of December (instead of January like I originally planned) so I don't see much point in pulling out the plastic bin and starting a new project since I'm going to be too busy to keep up with it.

2. The Harry Potter: Prisoner of Azkaban scarf.

This one I started back in August! Why has it taken me this long? Two reason: sport weight yarn and a ridiculous length. How ridiculous? Try 95 inches. 95 inches?! 95 inches -- if not longer by the time I'm done.

As you can see in this picture of Harry, Ron and Hermione the carves reach to their knees or below. And it's not just those particular actors. Every stinkin' kid in the movie has an impossibly long scarf!

Typical me, I bought too much of the grey; but, thankfully, I've got enough of the blue. I'm using Louet Sales Gems Sportweight in Indigo and Linen Grey.

I'm three-quarters of the way done and I think that if I stop after two more long panels I might have enough for a hat and a pair of mittens.

3. C'est Beret! This one I started a couple of days ago on my new US 4 aluninum circulers. I'm using Louet Sales Gems Sportweight again, since it's become one of my favorites to work with (so lightweight, so soft yet sturdy). I'm using the colors Eggplant and Willow.

I think it's going to look great. I did have to increase the CO amount since I'm using smaller needles and thinner yarn, which made me afraid since I had to guess how many CO stitches would be enough. I think I guessed well, though, because it doesn't seem like the brim is too large to fit snuggly.

4. Mason This is the sweater that I'm making for my dad for Christmas. I'm nearly there, too. I've only got make the sleeves and neck. Can I do it? Can I break the cycle?

5. My Grnadma's Christmas sweater. I don't have a picture of this one, but it comes from the same book as my Dad's sweater.

6. My brother's Christmas sweater. Maybe this will come from the same book. Maybe not.

7. The felted bag in Stitch n' Bitch. You'd think that this would be a snap. Oh, not for me. I've got to make it complicated! It can't just be the solid color. I wanted to fair isle a union jack in on both sides, but I don't think I will anymore.


At 11:10 AM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice to meet someone else with the same knuttiness for knitting that I have.

for xmas i made all of my friends the cutest little hats with animal ears!!

anyway keep up the knit! KNITTERS UNTIE!!!


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