Thursday, January 05, 2006

Resolution #1: Consistency in Knitting Blog

I need a digital camera. I have a camera phone now, but I think everyone will agree that camera phones are pretty crappy (unless you have one of those super-expensive phones that only P. Diddy can afford.) Anyway, here is a couple of very bad pictures of a couple current projects:

Yes, that's me. That's what I look like after spending the better part of the university's week and a half long winter break inside the house. I think I have the the shining now.

Anyway, the hat is just a simple little scully cap. I used Lamb's Pride in "White" and "Spice". I modified the pattern a bit by lengthening the cap so it covers more of the ears. I'm thinking of calling the design The White Stripes because of the color combo and because, when I finished it, I realized that I made something that Jack or Meg might wear. But the name is still a work in progress.

The scarf is just a simple K2 P2 rib with 4 rows per stripe. The colors are not that great in this picture (under/over statement of the year). I'm using Lamb's Pride in "Chocolate Souffle" and "Pistachio".

Maybe it's the weather, but I've been on a real wool kick lately. In the last month I've bought almost exclusively wool. The only other thing I've bought lately is Misti Alpalca in lace and worsted weights.

And may I just take a moment to praise Misti Alpaca? From what I've been reading in other blogs lately and on the Knitty message board, alpaca is just about the softest, lushiest material there is and I couldn't agree more! The other night I bought two skeins of each of these colors:

I am so anxious to make something out of these -- most likely a stripey, super-long scarf. But I'm also going to mine the back-issues of Knitty to see if I can find a new and interesting pattern. There was also a lace scarf that another blogger was making that I really liked. I believe that she got that from Knitty, too.

Until tomorrow. I promise.


At 7:29 PM EST, Blogger Kim said...

I love misti alpaca--I have a bunch of it in lace weight. Thanks for your interest in Stashalong--sign ups closed for the first three months on Jan. 1, BUT in April I will be giving the Stashalong it's own blog and you'll be able to tailor it to whatever you would like to do(1 month, 2, 3, etc.). You're more than welcome to comment and follow along with us this first three months and I hope you'll join in April. Happy knitting!


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