Friday, January 06, 2006

First Finished Project of 2006!!!

Hooray!!! I finished a project. I am terrible at finishing projects, but I did it -- I actually did it!

The project I finished was Chocolate Mint, the scarf that I showed a progress picture of yesterday. It looks great and it feels quite soft. I love the dimensions on it too. It's just the right width and it's long, but not too long. It's warm, but not overwhelming. It's perfect.

And I'm done moving this weekend I can begin working on my stash. I'm doing a stash-a-long for the next few months. I'll post my official stash-strategy next Monday.

I'm wondering what to do with my yarn when I move into the new place, though. One of my new roommates has two cats -- very sweet and affectionate -- but I keep imagining what their reaction to all that yarn is going to be. I picture them sitting in front of my wall-o-yarn and staring at it as if they've found the Holy Grail. What do other people with cats do with their stashes?


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