Monday, February 06, 2006

Finally! A Reason To Look Forward To The Olympics!!!!

Last week at my STITCH N' BITCH (take that Sew Fast/Sew Easy) I met Julie, who also has a knitting blog right here. While I was at her main site I saw a very interesting button and I pressed it and it took me to the coolest knit off I've ever seen. Here, you try it:

How cool is that?!!

Since I've finished the sweater for my nephew and the sweater for my dad, and although I'm in the middle of the sweater for my aunt, I am going to do this!

I've already decided that I'm going to make the Magnolia sweater from my Rowan Vintage Knits book, but I'm modifying it a bit. Instead of using the Rowan yarn, I'm using Bernat. Instead of using two yarns held together like the pattern, I'm just using one. And instead of the somewhat solid color in the picture, I'm going to make stripes using a dusty rose and a medium charcoal gray. I'm also adjusting the needle size down one for the three sizes required, since I'm switching from two strands to one.

I'm going to start the swatching tonight so I can adjust my guage and I've already started working out the number of rows for the sweater sections so I can determine how many row should be in the stripes. I even bought circular needles so I can take them on the plane to Peoria with me, but I hope they won't be taken because they're aluminum.

I also want to finish my aunt's sweater before the Knitting Olympics begin. I am very, very determined to finish the projects I start now.


At 3:19 PM EST, Blogger Julie said...

I can't wait for the Knitting Olympics, mostly because I'm tired of the projects I'm working on. Never again will I make socks on size 1 dpns for a person with big feet, I swear! After this, a lace shawl will be a pleasure to knit.

See you again Wednesday night? :)


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