Friday, November 24, 2006


So I finished my godson's sweater. I'll post the pics when I get back to work next week, but it turned out rather well. I made the torso longer than the pattern called for, but Koby's pretty tall so I wanted to add in the extra length.

Now I'm working on two afghans. One is hot pink and from a pattern on the label. The other is three different shades of blue in a block pattern that I designed myself. The design was inspired by the bathroom tile pattern at a department store I used to work at. Unfortunately, I am not very far along with either.

My grandmother's sweater is still in the UFO holding pattern that it's been in for quite some time. The back is completely done and the right front is almost done. The place that I'm stopped at is the part of the armhole where the decreases are finished and the length of the armhole needs to done and then the shoulder shaped. But the instructions say that I should work the armhole until it equals the length of the back. That's easy enough in principle, but I hate measuring. Unbelievably hate it. I'll get over it, but probably not for a week or two.


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