Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In Training

Last night I began my test swatch for the sweater I'm making for the Knitting Olympics. I also did the math of how many rows are going to be in each piece so I could determine how many rows should be in each stripe. I think 10 will work.

Today, while I was reading yarnharlot.com I got linked to this great blog post about how to stay in shape during the Knitting Olympics.


The tip I loved the most was the one about yarn balls (get your mind out of the gutter). Since I'm using Bernat I was going to keep the yarn in their original skeins, but now I'm thinking that I should turn them. I do have the little hand crank machine, but I do make the tension rather tight (trouble of being a sewer for so long). But this tip will definitely stay with me when I roll other skeins of yarn.

I also went to the Transportation Security Administration website to find out what kind of knitting needles are allowed on planes and I'm quite perplexed. One of the things they suggest are circular knitting needles less than 31 inches in total length and that they are either plastic or bamboo -- no metal. What am I to do? I've having a fling with aluminum needles lately and it looks like things are getting more serious. I mean I really, really l-o-v-e metal needles. The yarn just flies off of them, especially the acrylics and acrylic blends. And what about the length issue? I'm making a sweater and I could only find needles in 36" length!

My only hope is to go through security and look very non-chalant. Other wise I have to mail them back to my apartment while at the airport.

Does anyone know what the restrictions are for knitting needles lately? Have they loosened recently and just not been posted on the internet?


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