Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Dead Computer

It always takes me forever to post here, but now I have a viable excuse -- my home computer has died. Utterly.

Anyway, the project I'm working on is Starsky and I'm knitting it for myself this time. I'm even sizing it up to fit me. I'm on the right front piece right now. and so far it is going pretty well.

I was in a stand still for a while with designing my own stuff. I was looking for the proper inspiration. Well, this morning I found it and I am full steam ahead on it. What's great about it is that this particular piece of inspiration is limitless. I am so psyched. I'm purposefully being oblique, though, for two reasons: (1) ever since 'Sex and the City' stole the name I wanted to change my name to (long story), I've become very guarded with my ideas; and (2) I don't want to jinx my momentum too much. I promise, though, that I will post my progress as I begin working on the projects.


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