Monday, September 18, 2006

I Haven't Knit a Thing in Days

So I went to the New York Knit Out yesterday. It was okay. I got a lot of patterns and a couple of free things. I also got some info on Project Linus and Warm Up America.

I'm still working on my black shrug. It's very slow progress. So very slow.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh Boy This Weekend!!!!

This weekend is the big knit-out in Union Square! I didn't get to go last year so I'm very excited about going this weekend. Although, can you imagine what it'll be like if it rains? All that wet wool...

So I'm still working on my shrug. I keep starting and stopping (dang carpel-tunnel!) But I'm half-way there, if not more, and I think that if I do a marathon on Saturday then I can get it done in time for the knit-out.

Today I got a PatternWorks catalog in the mail. I've never heard of PatternWorks before, but I flipped through the catalog and I wasn't that impressed. The prices seemed a bit high. Of course, I live in New York City where all of the beautiful yarns are sold. If I was still living in Peoria -- where the only yarn stores are Joann's and Michael's -- then this catalog would be a godsend. It did have a few patterns and accessories that look interesting. I would love to get a folding basket for holding my yarn while I knit. I can't afford it right now, though. Maybe when I work down the stash.

Monday, September 11, 2006

You Get a Life for A Couple of Days and They Jump All Over You!

I hate anonymous posts. Why? Because they're anonymous. After my last post I got a comment that said "your resolution failed."

No, it didn't.

What happened was that life got busy and I didn't get a chance to update.

What was I busy with? How about knitting TWO scarves on short notice for my friend's birthday. Both were double-stranded -- one with red Bernat and black Lionbrand Fun Fur, the other with an ice blue Dark Horse and white Patons Gliterrati. I called them Fire and Ice, Devil and Angel.

They looked quite cute when finished. The Fire scarf was warmer than I expected and the Ice scarf was lighter than I thought it would be.

Now it's back to the black shrug that I'm making for myself. It's this retro pattern that I got from a mailing list. The pattern is very simple, but since I have to knit 50" on NO 5 needles it's getting quite tedious.

I'm also still trying to figure out what I can use from my stash for family Christmas presents.

So take that, Anonymous. Blah!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Summer's Over

Whether summer is officially over or not, I am very glad. I am not glad, however, that the last time I blogged on here was in APRIL!

Well, I'm making a resolution that I will blog on my knitting blog every other day until at least Thanksgiving. It's very good that I do this, too, since I need to do a stash countdown and birthday/Christmas blow-out.

Before I post about all of that (next blog, I swear), I must say that I am very disappointed in the dirth of hip cross-stitch patterns. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to stitch country crafts, but I also don't want to stitch swear words either (a la Subersive Cross Stitch).

When I try to create something I come up blank. Maybe I should just start cross-stitching a random design. That sometimes works for my knitting.